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Malorie Blackman - Noughts & Crosses (the Kiss)

Jessie mi-a imprumutat aceasta carte (usurica; in engleza, fireste), unde am gasit Pasajul: un tablou care, pentru mine, novice in curburile limbii, a parut a fi de o sinceritate si o naivitate desavarsita. Ma intreb cum o sa-l citesc peste cativa ani...

"Can I kiss you?"
My smile faded. I stared at my best friend. "Pardon?"
"Can I kiss you?"
"What on earth for?"
"Just to see what's like," Callum replied.
Yeuk! I mean yeuk!!! I wrinkled up my nose - I couldn't help it. Kissing! Why on earth would Callum want to do anything so... so feeble?
"Do you really want to?" I asked.
Callum shrugged. "Yeah, I do."
"Oh, all right then." I wrinkled up my nose again at the prospect. "But make it fast!"
Callum turned to kneel beside me. I turned my head up towards him, watching with growing curiosity to see what he'd do next. I titled my head to the left. So did he. I titled my head to the right. Callum did the same. He was moving his head like he was my reflection or something.
I put my hands on Callum's face to keep it still and dead center.
"D'you want me to tilt my head to the left or to the right?" I asked, impatiently.
"Er... Which way do girls usually tilt their heads when they're being kissed?" asked Callum.
"Does it matter?" Besides, how should I know?" I frowned. "Have I ever kissed a boy before?"
"Tilt your head to the left then."
"My left or your left?"
"Er... your left."
I did as asked. "Hurry up, before I get a crick in my neck."
Callum licked his lips before his face moved slowly closer towards mine.
"Oh no you don't, " I drew back. "Wipe your lips first."
"You just licked them."
"Ok! OK!"Callum wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
I moved forward to resume my original position. Keeping my lips tight together, I wondered what I should do with them. Purse them so they stuck out slightly? Or should I smile to make them seem wide and more appealing? I'd only ever practiced with my pillow. This was a lot different!
"Hurry up!" I urged.
I kept my eyes wide open as I watched Callum's face move down towards mine. Callum's gray eyes were open too. I was going cross-eyed trying to keep my focus on his face. And then his lips were touching mine. How funny!I'd expected Callum's lips to be hard and dry and scaly like a lizard's skin. But they weren't. They were soft. Callum closed his eyes. After a moment, I did the same. Our lips were still touching. Callum's mouth opened making mine open at the same time. Callum's breath mingled with mine and felt warm and sweet. And then without warning his tongue was touching mine.
"Yeuk!" I drew back immediately and stuck my tongue out, wiping it with my hand. "Why did you do that for?"
"It wasn't that bad, was it?"
"I don't want your tongue on mine." I shook my head.
"Why not?"
"'Cause..." I studded at the thought of it, "... our spit will mix up."
"So? It's meant to."
I considered that.
"OK, OK!" I frowned, adding. "The things I do for you! Let's try it again."
Callum smiled at me, the familiar twinkle in his eyes. That's the thing about Callum - he looks at me a certain way and I'm never sure if he's laughing at me. Before I could change my mind, Callum's lips were already on mine - and just as soft and gentle as before. His tongue flicked into my mouth again. After a brief moment of thinking ugh i found out it wasn't so bad. In fact it was actually quite nice in a gross-to-think-about-but-OK-to-do sort of way. I closed my eyes and began to return Callum's kiss. His tongue licked over mine. It was warm and wet but it didn't make me want to heave. And then my tongue did the same to him. I began to feel a little strange. My heart was beginning to thump in a peculiar, hiccupy way that made me feel like I was racing down a roller-coaster, roaring out of control. I pulled away.

Dau o nota aici, cand termin cartea. Mai am jumate, dar deja lucrurile sunt complicate intre cei doi :))))!
7, pentru originalitatea ideei de baza. Yeah, right! :))) As if....

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